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A TikkunKnits Dreidel

Dreidl is a Yiddish word meaning “top” or “little spinning thing, and no Hanukkah is complete without a game or two. Why do Jews play with dreidels during Hanukkah? According to tradition, dreidel games were used to cover Torah study during the Maccabean period, when the Greeks outlawed Jewish study. Like lighting the Hanukkah menorah candles, playing dreidel games are a playful reminder of divine miracles: the letters on the dreidel – Nun, Gimel, Hay and Shin – spell out “A great miracle happened there”: Nes (N-miracle), Gadol (G-great), Haya (H-happened) and Sham (S-there, meaning in Israel).

To play with your dreidel …

Each player puts a peanut, raisin, penny or piece of chocolate “gelt” (money) in the center (This year, why not make this Fair Trade chocolate gelt). Then the first player spins the dreidel. If it lands on:

Nun—the player does nothing
Gimmel—the player takes everything in the center
Hey—the player takes half
Shin—the player puts one item in
Before the next player spins, everyone puts another piece in the center.

There are links to templates for paper dreidels: (here, here , or this Star Wars version, the Droidl – you may not be able to tuck this one inside the knitted version). For more dreidel fun, you can make any of three origami versions. Then of course there’s the electronic dreidel to play with if you’ve gambled away your new knitted top.

Have some dreidel fun! And knit for peace.

While the dreidel is a game, peace is not. All TikkunKnits patterns are created as Patterns for Peacebuilders, and this one is no exception. So, this pattern will be available free until the end of the holiday (2008), and then available here for a nominal contribution to one of these peacemaking organizations. Please contact me at tikkunknits (at) yahoo (dot) com, or leave a comment below, if you have any concerns or questions.

To instantly purchase this pattern for $7.50, click the “buy now” button below.

IMPORTANT: Since I am unable to issue refunds, please read the following information carefully. By purchasing this pattern, you will obtain a downloadable pattern that will instruct you how to make the item yourself. The pattern will arrive in PDF form via email, usually within 24 hours after receipt of your order. You will need a program like Adobe Reader or Mac Preview in order to open the file and see the document (Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free at http://www.adobe.com).

Make sure to include an email address to which the pattern should be sent. Please open the file immediately, make sure it works, and save it to your computer. I will only re-send patterns if the initial attachment does not work and you notify me within one week of delivery. If you don’t see the email within a day, check your spam folder.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ON COPYRIGHT: While I encourage you to use the pattern for your own observance, you should keep in mind that this pattern is protected by copyright. That means that you agree to use this pattern only for personal, non-profit use without specific written permission from the designer. Items made from the pattern may not be sold, nor may the pattern itself be copied or xeroxed for others, sold, or distributed in any way. You may print one copy for personal use but may not print multiples to distribute, nor may you share the digital file with others.

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